AlphaHelix Molecular Diagnostics AB (Publ.) is a public Swedish company, listed on the Aktietorget stock exchange. The company’s patented SuperConvection™ technology enables faster PCR/QPCR runs than any other technology on reaction volumes > 20 µl. This unique ability combined with a patent pending method opens possibilities to detect viruses and bacterias without enrichment via cell culturing or DNA extractions. The point-of-care market with small free standing instruments and rapid direct tests is another area suitable for SuperConvection™ technology. Two daughter companies, AlphaHelix Technologies and Techtum Lab, are developing instruments and concepts based on these patents.

AlphaHelix Technologies develops, manufactures and sells products for PCR/QPCR via distributors. Newly developed Rob for PCR/QPCR set-up is a result of over 25 years of experience from low volume liquid handling and 10 years of support and service of QPCR set-up robots. The thermal cycler aAmp is based on the patented SuperConvection technology. Higher specificity and faster cycling leads to better yeild for single-cell applications as well as other applications that currently are evaluated.

Techtum Lab AB is a supplier and partner for clinical laboratories and research laboratories in the Nordic region; with offices in Umeå, Stockholm and Lund. The company delivers smarter reagents, consumables and instruments for customers in research and diagnostics. Additionally Techtum also delivers our own platform for sample preparation for screening of MRSA in hospitals. The company was founded in 1975 and has a wide knowledge in diagnostic microbiology, QPCR / PCR / NGS, extraction, liquid handling robots and biobanking equipment. 





AlphaHelix Technologies AB
Penarp 1150
SE 264 91 Klippan 

Tel: +46 18 12 07 01
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