Fast PCR


Fast PCR is both specific and sensitive.

AmpXpress is able to detect fewer copies in less time as evidenced by the results from a benchmark against a competitor instrument (Piko from Finnzymes, see figure below). SuperConvection technology outperforms the slower ramping of Peltier technology making AmpXpress a more sensitive PCR instrument.

Identical 20 µl samples were run on an AmpXpress and Finnzymes Piko, respectively. The PCR template was plasmid DNA serially diluted in duplicates.


See also Benchmark.




20 µl reaction volume. Phusion Flash Master Mix. Amplicon: 596 bp. GC: content 64%. 

Temperature profile: 98°C for 20 sec, followed by 40 cycles of: 98°C for 0 sec; 63°C for 10 sec; 72°C for 3 sec. 

Total run time: AmpXpress 22 minutes, Piko 33 minutes.


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