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We design, develop, and deliver products for PCR/qPCR application. Our products are a result of over 25 years experience inliquid handling and 10 years of support and service for automated qPCR set up.


Our close relation with the sister company Techtum Lab provides with over 40 years experience of user demands leading products that is appreciated by laboratory personal in the Nordic region. This is the unique key for the success of our products which are developed by AlphaHelix Technologies, Klippan, and managed by our head office in Stockholm. Targeted research in areas where our knowledge or patented PCR/qPCR technologies play an important part in ensuring a continuous flow of new products with unique features.

Exhibitions & Events


Equalis User Meeting Molecular Diagnostics

7 - 8 November

Stockholm, Sweden



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Automated 384 qPCR set up.


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New cost-effective tool for MRSA management.


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Works & Projects


SuperConvection is our technology that speeds up thermal cycling, increases temperature homogenization and its benefit on PCR has been scientifically evaluated and published.

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Lab Automation. Today we work hard to focus in lab automation, especially for liquid handling and PCR-based assay set-up.


Ongoing Projects. To continously grow and improve along life science industry, we have a couple of PCR and forensic kit under development. 

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Collaboration. Our subsidiary, Techtum, partners up with Örebro University.


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