aAmp™ is a very rapid thermal cycler utilizing SuperConvection™ technology that makes the instrument significantly faster than conventional thermal cyclers.


  • 40 cycle PCR in 20 minutes
  • 24 samples per run
  • 20 - 100 µl volume range
  • aAmp is a further developed AmpXpressTM . Alla data for AmpXpress are valid for aAmp.



Fast PCR (20µl)



The SuperConvection technology and aAmp enable very fast and accurate PCR assays at 20 l scale without compromising sensitivity or specificity, thereby reducing run times to minutes instead of hours.
Time to result is dramatically reduced when using aAmp. A 40 cycle three-step program can be run in 20 minutes! 


Sophisticated control

aAmp features a unique and sophisticated control system for in-tube temperature measurements of the reaction temperature. This allows for accurate monitoring of reaction temperature, including degree of thermal homogenization, in real time. In-tube temperature measurement is a prerequisite for truly fast PCR and ensures that EVERY run is a temperature calibrated one. With aAmp there is no need to call for calibration or use special calibration discs!

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