What is aAmp?

aAmp™ is a very rapid thermal cycler utilizing SuperConvection™ technology that makes the instrument significantly faster than conventional thermal cyclers.

  • 40 cycle PCR in 20 minutes
  • 24 samples per run
  • 20 - 100 µl volume range
  • aAmp is a further developed AmpXpressTM . Alla data for AmpXpress are valid for aAmp.

Fast PCR (20 µl)


The SuperConvection™ technology and aAmp enable very fast and accurate PCR assays at 20 µl scale without compromising sensitivity or specificity, thereby reducing run times to minutes instead of hours.
Time to result is dramatically reduced when using aAmp. A 40 cycle three-step program can be run in 20 minutes! 

Sophisticated control

aAmp features a unique and sophisticated control system for in-tube temperature measurements of the reaction temperature. This allows for accurate monitoring of reaction temperature, including degree of thermal homogenization, in real time. In-tube temperature measurement is a pre-requisite for truly fast PCR and ensures that every run is temperature calibrated . With aAmp there is no need to call for calibration or use special calibration discs!




AmpXpress is the older version of aAmp.




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