New cost-effective tool for MRSA management.


In the race to detect resistant infections and improve the survival rates of patients, you can't afford to wait for results. You need them quickly, and at a cost that's easy to afford. The BugScreener™ MRSA from AlphaHelix is designed to do just that.


BugScreener™ MRSA provides a full screening solution at a cost far lower than any other system in the MDx market. Any healthcare facility can afford to set up an automated qPCR-based MRSA screening system using our solution: pay-per-sample. This includes robotics and service that eliminates initial investment costs. With more sample screened, the cost could go as low as €3 per test.


Why should you replace culture-based screening with BugScreener?

Time to result is significantly shorter compare to conventional screening using cultivation. By getting the results ready within 2 hours after an overnight incubation, it minimizes the cost for patient isolation and eliminate unnecessary antibiotics prescription. Extensive MRSA screening in healthcare facilities will improve hygiene management and maintain low incidence of one of the most important antimicrobial resistance in the world.

Optimal DNA extraction for MRSA

The backbone of BugScreener™ MRSA is the DNA extraction process. We offer you the unrivaled optimized high-throughput DNA isolation for MRSA screening. Direct after cultivation, just load in the cultivation tubes and the extraction will be processed. This is a rapid extraction that takes 26 minutes for 96 preparations. This robust automatic extraction system can handle up to 250,000 samples per year in one robotics line. This is quite an improvement for the capacity from the previous extraction protocol, which takes 40 mins and has the capacity of 200,000 samples per year.


Optional modules

We mainly offers pay-per-sample solution, including robotics and service that eliminates initial investment costs (the cost could go as low as €3 per test). But if not, you can have your platform set up with optional modules to complete collection-to-detection MRSA screening. Not only giving DNA extraction solution, BugScreener™ is compatible with most qPCR set-up robot from data input and report.

To meet the high-volume sample screening capacity, we suggest our qPCR set up robot, Rob™, for its high performance, speed and affordability.

We ensure users having a safe and functional MRSA screening solution, and find great pride in this contribution to public health. Tailor-made to the exacting specifications of diagnostics hospital laboratories, BugScreener™ MRSA offers next-generation PCR-based molecular diagnostics platform set-up without compromise. The BugScreener™ MRSA has over nine years of proven concept in major diagnostics’ laboratories in Sweden and Finland. Over 2 million samples have been successfully processed by the system.


BugScreener™ MRSA Extraction System. The main module.


Dimension : 112.4 x 79.5 x 100.6 x 90.3 (cm)
Deck capacity : 30 tracks (T) allow combinations of
maximum of 30 tube carriers (1 T) holding 24 or 32 tubes per carrier
maximum of 5 carriers (6 T) holding 5 tip racks or 5 plate positions per carrier
Pipetting limit : 0.5 - 1000 µL
Liquid level detection : Individual Channels: Capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) and pressure (pLLD) on aspiration, cLLD on dispense, minimum volume 10 μL, depending on container type
96- and 384-Probe Head: Capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD)
Max. power consumption : 600 VA or 1000 VA (depending on configuration)
Voltage : 115 V~/230V~
Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz ± 5%
Delayed action fuse : 115 V~: 6.3 A, 230 V~: 3.15 A
Operating temperature range : 15°C - 35°C (relative humidity 30% - 85% with no condensation)

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