The fastest way to save both time and money to detect MRSA.

In the race to detect resistant infections and improve the survival rates of patients, you can't afford to wait for results. You need them quickly, and at a cost that's easy to afford. The BugScreener™ (MRSA) from AlphaHelix is designed to do just that.

Tailor-made to the exacting specifications of leading medical laboratories such as the Karolinska Hospital in Sweden, the BugScreener offers next-generation PCR-based molecular diagnostics platform set-up without compromise. The BugScreener™ (MRSA) has over nine years of proven concept in numerous major diagnostics’ laboratories. Over 2 million samples have been successfully processed by the system.








The backbone of the BugScreener™ (MRSA) is a DNA extraction process. After cultivation, the samples are processed through a rapid and optimized extraction process, enabling regular qPCR analysis. The lead time from sampling to result is well under 24 hours.




Module philosophy


The module philosophy of The BugScreener™ (MRSA) enables laboratories to choose their optimal solution, based on sample quantity. The system can be used with manual pipetting as well as large robotic setups with barcode solutions, customized for The BugScreener™ by AlphaHelix. The BugScreener™ can handle up to 200.000 samples per year in one robotics line. The qPCR functionality and mix are optional modules in the system.

The BugScreener modular system is under development to detect other resistant bacteria especially for Healthcare-associated Infection (HAI).





Cost-efficiency is an important factor in any large quantity analysis. The BugScreener™ provides a full screening solution at a cost far lower than any other system in the market. AlphaHelix offers a full “pay-per-sample” solution, including optimal robotics and service, which will eliminate initial investment costs. The user can feel safe to always have a safe and functional solution running. In addition, a full “pay-persample” solution always ensures optimal function and process capacity of The BugScreener™.
The speed of the system enables hospitals to limit isolation time of suspected MRSA patients, saving money when reducing allocated care time. This increased benefit for the hospitals and their patients enables laboratories to sell The BugScreener™ services at higher cost than regular screening, despite the actual lower cost. 

So, if you are screening high number of samples? Then BugScreener™ is the answer.



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