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Designed for precision

No other QPCR set-up system can meet the precision found in Rob™. It has a large volume range of 0.5 – 200 µl with increments of 0.1 µl for maximal accuracy  The heart of the precision provided by Rob™ is a glass syringe combined with a high resolution motor, precision mechanics and propriety pump control. The result is market leading precision and accuracy. While competition struggles with serial dispense precision for volumes >15 µl, Rob™ can handle serial dispense volumes down to amazing 2 µl with good precision. The robust dispense quality ensures best possible precision, even for difficult liquids, making Rob™ first choice for reliable QPCR set-up.
Liquid Level Detection (LLD) is based on a pressure sensor detecting the change in pressure occurring when a pipette tip hits the liquid surface. The liquid level is then re-calculated into volume using the known geometry of the tube. The ability to use a constant submerge depth during dispense and aspirate steps eliminates precision problem caused by additional volumes caught on the outside of the pipette tip.

Designed for economy

Rob™ was designed to keep production and run costs as low as possible. The aluminium work deck with spring loaded SBS format position eliminates requirements for additional plate and pipette tip adaptors. The use of an already existing motor and mechanic constructions with proven 24/7 durability ensures that service and support costs will be kept at a low level.
The high precision liquid handling allows Rob™ to use the unique OneDip™ technology for sample transfers. OneDip™ uses one tip for each replicate instead of using one tip for each replicate. This eliminates >65% of the pipette tip costs compared to manual pipetting for a set-up with three replicates. OneDip™ technology also reduces the set-up time to 12 minutes for a 96 well set-up with three sample replicates. OneDip™ also makes Rob™ a very economical 384 QPCR set-up system. 

Designed for everyone

The software is designed to be very easy and straight forward to use. Everyone in your lab can make personal protocols after just 5 minutes of training. The user only needs to mark source wells, drag them to the target and enter the volume to make a protocol. All liquid handling parameters are pre-selected for optimized liquid handling performance. 
A step-by-step self-tutorial QPCR set-up guide makes QPCR/PCR set-up very easy. The set-up guide handles all kinds of QPCR/PCR set-ups from ready-to-use pre-made mixes to making master mix. 
Rob™ has functions for normalization and serial dilutions. Pre- and post-run protocols as well as full tracking of all transfers ensures data safety for both clinical and research purposes.


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