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"We have been using Rob in our production for almost a year. The stable serial dispense capability and easy-to-use software were main reasons for choosing Rob."

Sofia Magnusson, cSens AB


Rob™ – your partner for improved QPCR set-up

Extreme pipetting performance combined with precise level detection is the core for troublefree QPCR set-up.

OneDip™ technology

OneDip™ utilizes a propriety pump control providing a precision level allowing Rob™ to serial dispense samples. This means a 65% reduction of pipette tip costs for a QPCR set-up with three sample replicates. Set-up time is under 15 minutes for a 96 plate and 45 minutes for a 384 plate using OneDip™ for three sample replicates.

Intuitive protocol programming

Any user can set-up protocols after five minutes of training. A set-up requires only three steps:
  1. Select consumables from a visual menu and drag and drop them on the work deck.
  2. Mark wells/plates with samples/reagents and move them to the target position.
  3. A window opens automatically where the user enters the volume and number of replicates.

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ForenSafe™ – a polymerase with improved performancefor contaminated forensic samples

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Samples for evaluation are available as a 2X ReadyMix for 100 reactions.


aAmp - rapid cycling with exact temperature control

> Improves BIAS for NGS library amplifications

> Increases yield for single cell applications

Patented SuperConvection™ technology induces strong mixing action in the tube, allowing for increased sample ramp rates as more energy (IR) can be transferred into the reaction volume. This allows aAmp to run 50 µl reactions in only 30 minutes, using standard enzymes and tubes with minimized non-specific reactions during the annealing process.

In a conventional cycler, sample temperatures are calculated, reaction volumes are not homogenized, and sample temperature transfer is slow. The result is non-specific reactions leading to amplification BIAS and lower yield.

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