Meet Rob™ – your personal liquid handler

Rob™ – setting new standards on cost and performance
Rob™ is a new liquid robot developed by AlphaHelix for QPCR/PCR set-up as well as for general laboratory pipetting. High performance liquid handling combined with low cost instrument and consumables make RobTM best choice for QPCR/PCR set-up.  

Rob™ comes with intelligent software with pre-set selections allowing for quick set-up of liquid handling protocols. It is designed to be very easy to use. Mark source wells with the mouse, drag them to your target, enter volume and press Run. The software automatically sets optimal liquid handling parameters ensuring full performance also for inexperienced users.

Rob™ is our solution – price and running costs are your benefits.

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αAmp – the world’s fastest PCR cycler for standard tubes & enzymes

aAmp™ is a very rapid thermal cycler utilizing SuperConvection™ technology that makes the instrument significantly faster than conventional thermal cyclers.  
- 40 cycle PCR in 20 minutes for 20 ul reaction in standard PCR tube  
- 24 samples per run  
- 20 - 100 µl volume range  
- In-tube sensor for exact control 

The rapid ramp rate eliminates nonspecific amplification that occurs in block cyclers when temperature comes close to target temperature. 
αAmp™ does not require special enzymes or reaction tubes. Nonspecific reactions seen in your block cycler will be substantially reduced. This can improve results for critical reactions requiring larger reaction volumes (50-100 ul) such as NGS library amplification and single cell applications. 

More on αAmp here 

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