Rob™ by AlphaHelix

"We have been using Rob in our production for almost a year. The stable serial dispense capability and easy-to-use software were main reasons for choosing Rob."

Sofia Magnusson, cSens AB


Rob™ – your partner for improved QPCR set-up

Extreme pipetting performance combined with precise level detection is the core for troublefree QPCR set-up.

OneDip™ technology

OneDip™ utilizes a propriety pump control providing a precision level allowing Rob™ to serial dispense samples. This means a 65% reduction of pipette tip costs for a QPCR set-up with three sample replicates. Set-up time is under 15 minutes for a 96 plate and 45 minutes for a 384 plate using OneDip™ for three sample replicates.

Intuitive protocol programming

Any user can set-up protocols after five minutes of training. A set-up requires only three steps:
  1. Select consumables from a visual menu and drag and drop them on the work deck.
  2. Mark wells/plates with samples/reagents and move them to the target position.
  3. A window opens automatically where the user enters the volume and number of replicates.

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The fastest way to save both time and money to detect MRSA.

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