The AlphaHelix AmpXpress platform enables rapid test results making it the ideal choice for certain clinical situations. For example, when diagnosing infections like meningitis and sepsis. Rapid test results are also important in biopreparedness for detection of biohazardous agents like the anthrax bacteria. AmpXpress produces better results in less time compared to conventional thermal cyclers (see Fast PCR). You will also get more done during your working day. Imagine carrying out several 30-40 cycle PCR runs per hour!

Inhibiting substances, in an often degraded sample, reduce sensitivity and may prohibit DNA-identification in areas like veterinary diagnostics, forensic DNA analysis, food pathogen detection and biosafety analyses. Regardless of extraction method, inhibitor concentration can be cut in at least half using AlphaHelix instruments (see our Proof-of-principle study, detailed in Application note 1).
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