SuperConvection™ is a propriety technology that speeds up thermal cycling and increases temperature homogenization. The beneficial effects of SuperConvection on PCR temperature ramping and homogenization have been scientifically evaluated and published in the European Biophysics Journal as well as Biotechniques.


AlphaHelix has developed, aAmp, an instrument for rapid and high quality PCR based on SuperConvection.

SuperConvection enables a much faster PCR run in any sample volume from 20 up to 100 uL and can therefore provide higher detection sensitivity than any other PCR platform.


The fast ramp speed for the liquid combined with the even temperature in the PCR tube enables better specificity compared to any other cycler. The centrifugal force also allows for running crude samples as cell debris or particles will be collected in the bottom of the tube. This allows for direct PCR/QPCR applications ranging from clinical and veterinary diagnostics; forensic science; and food and biosafety testing.


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